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about hirc halal certification

HIRC is one of Pakistan’s leading Shariah advisory group, offering consultancy and research services to industries of Pakistan.

It operates under three specialist divisions;

First of all, the Halal Certification Services handled by HIRC Pakistan has over 70 years of combined Shariah advisory experience and have worked for well known clients advising them on Shariah Law. This Company gives strict authority to its Shariah Committee, without which a judgment cannot be passed.
Secondly, Emaan Financial Services (EFS) is the Islamic finance wing of HIRC. It offers expert advice to  Islamic financial institutions on financial product development, transaction , operational structuring, information technology research and training. In addition, EFS also advises on distribution of institutional and retail Islamic investment products.
Finally, Codebase Technologies (CBT) is the technology wing of HIRC. It has been a leading IT solutions provider to Islamic finance industry with winning fusion award year 2000 for the best product solution provider. CBT Services leading Islamic financial institutions providing them critical solution services to offer best Islamic finance products to the consumers.