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halal foods in pakistan


99% of the population in Pakistan is Muslim, being a member of the OIC and Islamic Federation; it is the world’s fourth largest Rice producer; Fifth largest Dairy producer; Fourth largest Wheat producer and Fifth largest supplier of Cattle’s.

There are approximately 50 Halal certified companies exporting internationally which makes the certification an important aspect of Pakistan’s trade portfolio. There are state of art Halal slaughter houses exporting to Middle-East markets following international manufacturing standards and compliances.

The Shariah scholars and schools have large public followings, famous area include the ‘Banoria town Masjid’, ‘Madni Masjid’ and ‘Raiwind Markaz’contributing vastly to the Islamic environment of Pakistan. They are well known and greatly respected in the Islamic world.


awards & certifications

Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) is Food Standards Development authority of Ministry of Science & Technology, Pakistan.
Pakistan National Accreditation Council (PNAC) is National Accreditation body of Ministry of Science & Technology, Pakistan.
Pakistan Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (PCSIR) is the Accredited Lab testing and research facility for Halal foods in Pakistan.
Ministry of Livestock & Dairy regulates livestock sector.
Halal Industry Research Centre (HIRC), Pakistan’s first Halal certification body and country’s first research based Shariah advisory organization.
Halal Development Council is Pakistan’s only NGO working towards development of Halal food industry in Pakistan.