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hirc halal certification process


analytical testing

HIRC is involved in performing various Physio-Chemical tests in their appointed laboratories, particularly related to Alcohol, Pork, Animal fats and so on. Moreover, HIRC also detects any waste water analysis to detect any environmental contamination and is also conducting vigorous microbiological tests for testing the presence of bacteria.

Additionally, these tests should pass through the following criteria:

Alcohol Free
Pork Free
Non-Zabiyah animal Free
Fit for human consumption
Environmental friendly

certifications at hirc

HIRC Offers 3 kinds of certifications:

Firstly, Product certification covers individual products in both food and non-food related markets. This also includes the domestic market certification for local consumption aswell as the exporter certification for companies wishing to sell their Shariah compliant products abroad.

These product certifications are available for a wide range of customers across Pakistan, the following shows a list:

Manufacturers of finished food products/ingredients

Importers of finished food products/ingredients

Exporters of finished food products/ingredients

Restaurants and food serving facilities

Slaughter houses

Packaging and processing facilities

Personal Care companies

Pharmaceuticals companies

Cosmetics companies

Stationary products and supplies companies