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why hirc halal certification

HIRC is Pakistan’s leading Shariah advisory group. It offers consultancy and research services to industries including food, Pharmaceuticals, technology, Islamic banking & Finance. It is Pakistan’s first Halal food certification and assurance service Provider. It has over 70 years of combined Shariah advisory expertise, Qualified Shariah scholars and a professional management team.

HIRC also manages a resident Shariah/Audit committee that overseas all the certification process. As well as accredited testing labs and inspection teams (PCSIR Laboratories)

HIRC has a Unique Certification Process Consisting of;

Inspection & Testing
Audit & Verification
International Cross Verification
Shariah Rulings (Internal & Independent)
Domestic and Exporter Certification

HIRC Is a Joint Partner of Islamic Dawah Council of Phillipines (IDCP)  in Pakistan. IDCP is a member of the World Halal Council, Recognized and approved by Govt of Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Phillipines. IDCP is recognized as the Halal certification body under the TDAP exporter rebate scheme.

HIRC has the following affiliations:

Member of PSQCA technical committee. (Pakistan Halal Food Standards and other quality standards development committee)
Member of IHI Alliance Malaysia. (A body formed by OIC for international Halal certification body accreditation)
Technical collaboration with Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. (Access to food scientists, biologists, chemistry experts and PHD Students)
Meets all criteria as set out by PSQCA Halal certification body rules/regulations.

HIRC is a research based institution helping companies with the required Islamic expertise. This research consists of Halal process implementation, Halal product advisory and a Scientific approach to critical issue resolution.

HIRC takes on a consumer and business protection approach. This is Pakistan’s only assurance service provider, spreading consumer awareness, promoting businesses and using Media as a key tool to highlight and spread knowledge about this industry.

HIRC provides technical Expertise, Conducting Shariah related audits and inspections to ensure that the final product is safe for Muslim consumption. Food scientists, research students and technical Collaborations with PCSIR is a key to make appropriate decisions.  Moreover, HIRC also focuses on human development programme’s and research studies in order to make sure that the company vision is not ignored.

knowledge of
shari'a law
We have advised various industries on new
product developments, shari'a law
implementation and training.

Our Value

Team experience
in handling
Our team members have been appointed to
several advisory projects both in pakistan and abroad. as a result, we have built efficient work processes and focus on critical issues relevant to the proposed project.
An integrated
We offer a ful range of services including
halal management systems, certifications,
endorsements and training.
The experience and
technical expertise
will give you the
assurance that our
work will meet your
requirements and be
cost efficient.
Value for money
& high quality
Highly competitive fee rates. we deliver our findings through continuous communication from our senior team.